Certass is a Competent Person Scheme that regulates the double glazing industry. The Department for Communities and Local Government set this scheme up in 2006. It’s main function is to ensure that double glazing installations follow Building Regulations. It also protects the buyer’s interests and installation quality.

When a company registers with Certass, it first needs to prove its quality. This regulatory body insists that all registered members follow strict installation standards. Moreover, they also need to show they know local building regulations. As a result, their installation is completely compliant with regulations. What’s more, you benefit from their superior installation quality.

The most important part is, all companies registered with Certass can give you a certificate of compliance. When you get your double glazing replaced, it needs to conform to the standards set by building regulations. To get this certificate, an officer from the local authorities needs to inspect the installation. Once he is satisfied, he will issue a certificate.

Certass-approved installers, on the other hand, will install your double glazing following all regulations. Moreover, they can issue you the certificate once they complete the installation. They have the authority to do so as members of the Competent Person Scheme.

What is a Competent Person Scheme?

Competent Person Schemes are regulatory bodies. They ensure that double glazing installations meet building standards. To this end, they invite double glazing companies to register with them. However, the companies need to first demonstrate high quality and superior customer service.

In April, 2002, building authorities decided that double glazing installation should be regulated. They did so to ensure better thermal performance. However, the regulations also cover ventilation and fire safety. As a result, all double glazing installation needs to meet certain criteria.

The 6 Competent Person Schemes are bodies that ensure installations comply with these criteria. They vet, monitor, and manage double glazing companies. As a result, you are sure of the quality of installation when you hire an accredited company.

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How Does Certass Help You?

Certass has two important duties. One is to make sure all double glazing installation meets the building regulations. The other is to protect your rights as a customer. There are two way in which it does this. The first is obviously by policing the quality of the double glazing companies. As a result, you get double glazing of the highest quality. Moreover, it gives you all the features that building regulations demand.

Additionally, Certass also protects your money. First, it protects your deposit money. The double glazing companies cannot withhold your deposit if they are unable to complete your installation. Second, it secures you against poor installation quality.

The installers have to give you an insurance-backed guarantee on different aspects of your installation. You get a standard 10-year guarantee on the installation performance. Moreover, you get separate warranties on aspects like the sealing, the hardware, and even the paint or surface treatment. As a result, if anything goes wrong with your installation, the installer will have to fix it.

Finally, all registered installers can give you a certificate of compliance. You do not have to spend time visiting the local building authorities. Your installers will follow regulations and give you a certificate at the end.

How Does Certass Operate?

As mentioned earlier, Certass invites double glazing companies to register with it. However, the company cannot just become a part of their network automatically. They judge the applicant on a piece of installation. This has to meet industry standards as defined by EN17065. In addition, the sample also needs to comply with specific license requirements of DCLG, TrustMark, PAS2030, as well as Certass.

If the company meets these requirements, the scheme registers them. The company can then display the accreditation. If you need a local installer registered with Certass, their website will help you find one. As a result, you get trustworthy service and assured quality.

Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the installation, you can inform them. Since Certass monitors the performance constantly, these companies have to give their best at all times.

Why is it Important to Choose a Certass Accredited Installer?

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Certass is one of six Competent Person Scheme. Additionally, it is the most popular one after FENSA. The name is synonymous with high quality installation and great customer service. When you choose a Certass approved installer, you know you will get more than satisfactory double glazing.

You will get a company that is a part of a large and reliable network of double glazing installers. What’s more, they safeguard your money and well-being at all times. You get complete financial protection with warranties and indemnity.

Finally, you get quality installation that is easily certified. You don’t have to spend extra money or time to get your double glazing approved and registered. Your installer will do that for you.

Superior Installation

Since Certass monitors and regulates the quality of its members, you always get high-quality installation. You can easily find an approved installer near you. They will give you double glazing installation that meets the highest industry standards. As a result, you can rest assured knowing that you will get great double glazing that performs well.

Complete Protection

Certass protects your financial interests and your double glazing at every step of the process. First, you have complete deposit protection. Second, you get an insurance-backed guarantee on performance and installation quality. Finally, you even get additional warranties on various parts of the installation.

Easy Certification

All double glazing companies registered with Certass are well-versed with local building regulations. They are also qualified to assess the quality of your installation. The best part is, they can also issue the certificate of compliance. Finally, they will register your double glazing with the relevant authorities for no extra charge. All in all, you get everything you need without needing to lift a finger!

How Can You Find Local Certass Accredited Installers?

If you are looking for reliable double glazing installers, we can recommend installers accredited by Certass as well as FENSA. Simply contact us for more information about the installers we can propose for you in your area.

Alternatively, you can hop on to our online quoting engine. Not only will you get a quote for your double glazing needs, but also a list of approved installers near you.

Frequently Asked Double Glazing Questions

When you install double glazing in your home or commercial property, it is likely that the extra heat retention will lessen the need to use central heating systems. In turn, this could mean you see a drop in heating bills. If you are concerned about your energy bills, it is easy to compare business energy or home energy online.

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